How it Works

Create a wave of referrals.

Networking is an integral part of a successful business. However, many of us hand out business cards that end up in rubber bands gathering dust on people’s desks. And who hasn’t run out of business cards?

Of course, the expected outcome of networking is that people are going to learn about your business, remember you, and refer you. But if they don’t have info about your business or don’t remember you, they won’t refer you. And if they simply hand out your printed card or give out your contact information, you have no idea that you’ve been referred. So you sit by the phone, waiting for it to ring.


Fully customizable.

Create your own custom header.

YouTube videos with optional caption above or below.

Upload your own images.

Even include audio files.

Fixed or scrollable header.

Button links to any website.

Call, email, and text links.

Social media buttons.

Refer me button.

Save to contacts button.

Refer me button:

Enter recipient's phone number, name (optional), and category (optional).

The digital card link is sent via text.

You're notified with referral info.

Save to contacts:

Download or email your contact card.

Clients can easily save your info in their contacts.

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